We are a Call Center with solid experience managing many aspects of organizations including large scale management and administration. Demonstrated ability to deliver mission-critical results. Our Drive is to manage costs and establish strong relationships. Superior abilities in Account Management, Customer service Operations and Sales Support.
Circle Center is a Contact center located in Baja. we are only 5 minutes from U.S border.

We are committed to promoting a  safe, secure and productive environment for our Clients & employees.


We uphold a client driven focus that develops strong lasting relationships by responding to our clients needs. We are committed to providing our Client with the right price at the right time.


We will always do the right thing. We are honest and straightforward in our communication. We operate legally and ethically and honor our commitments.



We select the best candidates, We hold ourselves and  our team accountable for following through and achieving our goals.


We encourage & challenge our team members to embrace a competitive spirit to be the best in the industry.


We never let good results go unnoticed, we will always celebrate our success while keeping the bar high to surpass our clients expectations.

Our agents are bilingual, well educated ready to work. Our goal is to help you grow and expand your business. Our Management Team has over 11 years in the Call center industry. We have the capability to have your campaign up and running in no time.